To Our Valued Clients, Associates and Friends…

Writing this introduction to our newsletter is always enjoyable, as it means we are ready to share a few of our team’s recent accomplishments. It also gives me the opportunity to thank all of our wonderful clients, architects and construction managers.

On this occasion I hope you will allow me the indulgence of recognizing one person in our organization that exemplifies what DCC is all about. Ron Gordines has been a part of our company since we began back in 1994. For eighteen years Ron has worked tirelessly to make sure we deliver on our promise to passionately pursue excellence in every project we build. Ron’s energy is only matched by his dedication and it is the standard by which we are all compared.

At the beginning of the year, I asked Ron to step away from project management and help me reach out to our past, present and future clients as DCC’s new Director of Business Development. I believe a company’s success is directly proportional to the quality and character of its people, and in Ron Gordines you have the best of us.

If you haven’t visited our website lately please give it look by going to www.dickinsoncameron.com. In addition to our updated Projects page we have also added a new Blog section where we will be able to give you more timely updates on what’s happening at DCC. I hope you enjoy this edition of the Dickinson Cameron Newsletter. We remain grateful for the opportunity to serve you.

Frank Naliboff,
Dickinson Cameron Construction Co.

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