Safety — A Top Priority Company-wide

Anonymously report safety issues or concerns.

When it comes to advocating, monitoring, training and maintaining safety on the jobsite Dickinson Cameron Construction continues to raise the bar and set new standards for best workplace practices.

• Zero tolerance policy for unsafe practices.
• All projects maintain a tailored job hazard analysis report throughout completion.
• Full time in house safety officer that conducts regular training and jobsite safety walks on every job.
• All DCC Project Managers and Superintendents are required to have OSHA 30 certification.
• In house insurance specialist dedicated to ensuring all subcontractors are prequalified and have the correct insurance before stepping on the job site.
• Weekly tailgate meetings are conducted on every project.
• Ongoing training and insurance reviews are an integral part of our safety culture.
• DCC hires independent safety consultants to conduct onsite safety audits.
• DCC meets regularly with superintendents and project managers to ensure compliance with OHSA.
• Company-wide safety trainings are done with our superintendents, project managers and office staff. Training materials and resources are updated regularly.
• All office staff are required to complete OHSA 10 certification.

Subcontractor Safety Orientation