Our Services

Our Services
From pre-construction planning and project management to completion, Dickinson Cameron Construction remains focused on exceptional service and execution. It all starts by obtaining a clear understanding of each project, as well as the client’s specific needs and vision.

Our systematic approach to project management, from initial project review to delivery, utilizes innovative communication and job flow technologies. These sophisticated tools allow DCC to provide competitive pricing while remaining flexible and responsive throughout the construction process.

Clients receive greater value as a result of our diligent pre-construction services and leading edge project management systems. With some of the industry’s best field personnel, we have the depth and knowledge to consistently deliver top-quality construction projects supported by unparalleled customer service.

"Dickinson Cameron are true craftsmen. They approach every project with a collaborative spirit that leads to open dialogue with the client, the design team, and the site which leads to a smooth process and a great finished product. DCC’s approach helps to identify issues early, and streamlines construction when questions do arise to protect the schedule. They work as true partners for the entire project team while maintaining a rigorous attention to detail. I have enjoyed working with DCC, respect their abilities, and value our relationship."

- Ryan McNulty, Project Manager and Senior Associate at MBH Architects

Preconstruction Services

Dickinson Cameron’s preconstruction services take a proactive approach to maximizing value for our clients. We assemble a team of project managers and estimators to work closely with clients, architects and designers to identify and resolve potential issues and coordinate pre-construction procedures, including:

Initial concept plan and architectural design review
Site survey and evaluation
Interpretation and distribution of documents
Detailed scope qualification
Preliminary estimating / budget analysis
Value engineering
Labor and contract review
Proposal presentation
Preliminary construction scheduling
Electronic transfer of project documents
Coordination of permitting and approvals

The pre-construction scheduling process allows us to maximize efficiencies, minimize project durations, and increase value to the client. Our preliminary construction schedule provides an important, early stage visual forecast of the project timeline.

DCC’s experienced staff can provide proposals based on partial conceptual designs or fully specified documents. Value engineering and alternate recommendations resulting from our pre-construction guidance often provide our clients with significant savings.

Project Management
and Warranty Policy

Dickinson Cameron’s seasoned project management teams are comprised of a project manager, project engineer and project superintendent. Together they specify the administrative requirements and strategies for a successful construction project.

Project Management Tasks include:

Design interpretation and finalization
Lease review
Landlord coordination
Value engineering
Detailed CPM scheduling
Material procurement

Project Managers closely monitor the preconstruction process so that the transfer of information to the construction team is accurate and timely. Maintaining clear communication and accountability between our team and the client is vital to the success of each project.

Warranty Policy

All product / workmanship provided by Dickinson Cameron is warranted for one year beyond completion of the project.

Throughout the design and construction phases of all projects, Dickinson Cameron makes our clients aware of the life expectancies and long-term costs of the materials, equipment and finishes installed.

To assist clients in protecting their investment in construction, service and maintenance contracts are available upon request.