Exclusive look at the new Hermes Crystals boutique built by DCC


The massive 13,000 sqft store is 2nd largest Hermes space DCC has built for our long-time partners and clients. We spoke to Sr. Project Manager Eddy Barth for his personal take on the one of a kind boutique.

“DCC has a long standing relationship with Hermes including numerous projects dating back to 2009. The latest Hermes project at Crystals Shopping Center in Las Vegas had numerous challenges that were overcome with a team effort. The most notable and central feature of the project is the elliptical Grand Stair, including elliptical floor and ceiling features below and above the stair. The stair was designed and engineered to have a single point of connection at the 1st and 2nd floors, the entire stair floats between these two points. The ceiling is sculpted with curves and contours to follow the elliptical shape of the stair. The base of the stair has a custom free flowing curved plaster design achieving both the architectural form and the function required per code. We, DCC, enjoy our relationship with Hermes as they continue to trust DCC as their contractor to build their beautiful stores.”

Having completed the Crystals project last week, Eddy Barth is now currently working on Hermes Waikiki at the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center. Slated to turn over Spring 2019. Congratulations to the entire team, and good luck on the next!

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