Dickinson Cameron builds Chanel Bal Harbour


As seen on WWD Dickinson Cameron helps open Chanel Bal Harbour. Per the article written by Rebecca Kleinman, ” Reminiscent of a photography light box, the exterior’s glowing white facade emanates within the shopping center’s tropical greenery and midcentury modern architecture. Though it mainly references the black and white Chanel No. 5 perfume packaging, it also nods to Karl Lagerfeld as photographer (he heads to New York to shoot a campaign next week).

The store has black and cream tweed panels dripping with pearls, camellias and quilted bags. Tweed also covers the bag room’s green turquoise bar stools, cubbyhole linings and gold woven metal walls that could be considered a work of art among those on site by the likes of Johan Creten and Liza Lou.

The salon blends accents from Chanel’s Parisian apartment with contemporary pieces; her treasured crystal balls sit next to Louis Durot’s Aspirale chair in black and Marc Swanson’s crystal-encrusted sitting stag. In some cases, the past and present fuse, such as Coco Chanel’s affinity for floors as mini beaches, exemplified by the store’s beige stone tile and walls textured like dunes, for which sand was stirred into gesso.

“She was a rock crystal freak,” said Marino, who filled an 18th-century Regency fireplace in rouge griotte marble with them and hung a Goossens chandelier loaded with massive crystal chunks supported by bronze.

Scarf displays inspired by coromandel screens are all her, too.

“We tried soft accessories in a small way at our Madison Avenue store, but this is a full-blown execution,” said Cirkva, demonstrating how screens opened to reveal stocked, hidden drawers.

On par in size with Beverly Hills and Las Vegas, Bal Harbour is only smaller than New York among U.S. stores. Marino dedicated a lot of square footage to a trio of VIP-sized dressing rooms, an amenity he feels clients recognize as real luxury. Bal Harbour marks the domestic premiere of Chanel’s transition to the trend that he launched for the brand’s doors in China.

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