DCC Superintendent, Greg Hussey

Three words describe Greg Hussey’s can-do attitude: ANYTHING, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. Whether he’s on the jobsite as a DCC Construction Superintendent…or out in the desert for a weekend of off-road racing, Greg rises to meet all challenges head-on. Since joining DCC in February of 2011, Greg has completed some great construction projects. The Tiffany & Co. Valley Fair project is a prime example of Greg’s ability to take a demanding project and hit a homerun. “Guys like Greg Hussey, who meet every challenging circumstance with positive energy and commitment, embody the type of spirit I want people to associate with the Dickinson Cameron brand,” said DCC President/CEO Frank Naliboff. “If you seen Greg on the jobsite, be sure to go up and say hello; but if you see him coming at you on a desert race course, be sure to get out of the way, FAST!”

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