West Marine a Sporting Store in Honolulu, Hawaii

Sporting a great look…West Marine a outdoors sporting store in Honolulu, Hawaii. DCC finished building this 25,975 square foot store in October of 2011.

Ron Gordines said, “in May of 2010 Jay Kuncl Director of Construction for West Marine contacted me about a special flag ship project they were about to undergo in Honolulu. He needed help! He asked if DCC was interested in possibly getting involved since we had such a great success in building the 28,000 square foot flag ship store for them in Shelter Island, San Diego and he knew how strong our presence was in Hawaii. On August 23, 2011 and after many meetings with West Marine and the property owners contractor and Architect we went to work on the 25,975 square foot Hawaii flag ship boaters paradise store for West Marine.”

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